Improving the Accuracy of the Seismic Image: Introduction Manual



For those who would like a more traditional copy of the slides, this manual is provided as a watermarked but downloadable PDF.

The complete collection of courses we offer cover fundamental issues in acquiring and processing seismic data leading to accurate images of the sub-surface. The entire suite of courses focuses on the questions which seismic interpreters need to ask to determine whether, and how, to reacquire or re-process existing seismic data. Students will interactively process real data from field records to migration and will gain an understanding of the latest techniques and knowledge of how to apply them effectively and efficiently to meet their objectives…improving resolution and signal to noise ratio, while minimising imaging inaccuracy and understanding the uncertainty involved.

This manual covers the introduction modules only. Contact us for vintage manuals of courses (going back to 2006) or for additional manual options.


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