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Welcome to the MOST Project

Mapping the Oceans with Seismic Traverses (MOST)

The MOST project aims to facilitate data and knowledge sharing between the oil industry, academic seismologists and oceanographers.

The ocean is a vital resource for food, transport, leisure and defense, and plays a fundamental role in controlling climate. The vast volume of the global ocean is mostly unexplored because it is opaque to light and to satellite probes.

Seismic reflection imaging is an echo-sounding technique that underpins all hydrocarbon exploration. Marine seismic reflection data, collected in the search for oil and gas, can be re-used to image the ocean. The legacy seismic reflection database is enormous. Only by sharing data and expertise can we expect to make rapid inroads into characterizing large volumes of the ocean.


  • Alert the oil industry to the new potential of their seismic reflection data in ocean sciences
  • Develop a legacy seismic data archive that provides free and easy data access for academic research
  • Share seismic reflection processing techniques
  • Encourage industry to make oceanographic measurements coincident with new seismic surveys


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Last Updated: April 2008