More on Pentominoes

I was thinking about making a set of the 12 Pentominoes for my kids using salt dough or lego. However during lockdown we only have a few lego sets here and the pieces are tied up. I couldn’t bring myself to dismantle part of the Death Star for pieces, even though my daughters have removed most of the guns and fitted the Death Star out as bedrooms for Harry Potter lego minifigures. A few have commented on my linkedin post on different ways they have made Pentominoes in the past.

I found the following pictured game set online at Cogs the Brain Shop in Dublin. There are some quite nice things on the website and the delivery was fast, only a few days. My daughters went to work to find a solution…..and I was using the set to help visualise algorithms for my computer solution. Would we find a solution manually or my computer first ? The race was on…..

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