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Diversions ….

I didn’t make much coding progress over the weekend, but I did find my 1975 copy of Martin Gardner’s book “Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions”. In the photo you can see a hexaflexagon that I constructed yesterday after reading this chapter of the book for the first time in over 40 years. Flexagons are well worth looking at, especially if you have 10 year old children. I found a few templates on the web with some interesting design ideas.

I also read the Polyominoes chapter, possibly for the first time. Since it was chapter nine I’m not sure that ever read it before..I seem to remember finding the book quite difficult to understand when I was 10. The Polynominoes piece is interesting, but the B&W graphics are really poor and rather uninspiring. I’m sure later books and versions of this text ( and its follow ups) had better graphics.

p.s. I found the book on a bookshelf in my house in Dublin, so no need to search through boxes of books in my loft in Mayo !