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Seismic Quality Control: Geo2X geo2view

In a previous post I compiled a brief review of the free SeiSee software for quality control of SEGY data, including trace headers. I’ve also compared SeiSee to a newer viewer SeisTopia. In this post I briefly review GEO2View which has recently been released by applied geophysics company Geo2x. Thanks to Alan Richardson of Ausar Geophysical for pointing it out to me. I’ve used the same data for my SeiSee/SeisTopia reviews which is a 12935 trace migrated stack released by USGS from the 2018 Matrix Survey with shot records from the same line.

Display of stacked seismic section. The variable scale display is very fast (and useful for long lines).
Shot record displays with trace header readout (to left) and plots of header attributes above the shots.
  1. License: Unfortunately not covered by any standard license agreements such as GNU.
  2. Hardware: Windows 10
  3. Support: The authors have pledged to release new features and support the viewer.
  4. Data Input/Output
    • Supports SEGY rev1 /Seismic Unix (SU) and SEG2 formats.
    • SEGY can also be exported.
  5. Seismic Display
    • Fairly standard but high quality seismic displays in wiggle or variable density in four colourbars which are fixed.
  6. Trace Header QC
    • Simple but effective trace readouts with ability to dump headers to ascii files.
    • Useful section info summary and ability to export headers.
  7. Processing Options
    • Basic AGC and bandpass only as of June 2021 (filtering options probably a bit abstract for many users).


SeisTopia has slightly more options, particularly from the seismic processing and 3D QC point of view. The neat ability of SeiSee to rapidly QC an entire directory is missing from other viewers covered here.

I liked the Geo2X viewer and it might have an exciting future if it is supported and developed as planned. Will it ever topple SeiSee from the pinnacle of free QC viewers….well, only time will tell.